Grocerant Takeover with Chef Ferran at VIVIN Grocery Featuring “Tom Yum Gazpacho”


Grocerant Takeover with Chef Ferran at VIVIN Grocery featuring “Tom Yum Gazpacho”

Catalan native, Chef Ferran Tadeo Domènech of Embassy Room brings culinary artistry to VIVIN Grocery’s Kitchen crafting a Thai-Spanish-inspired Gazpacho recipe featuring VIVIN Grocery’s organic tomatoes and local Thai spices by Blue Elephant for VIVIN Grocery’s Songkran Special Menu this April 2024.

VIVIN Grocery is excited to announce the first of its not our Grocerant Takeover series, following the Meet the Artisan “Khao Soi Duck Confit”, comes a culinary journey with Chef Ferran Tadeo Domènech of Embassy Room, Park Hyatt Bangkok.

This innovative series brings together renowned chefs and industry professionals to create dishes that showcase their unique styles using ingredients almost exclusively sourced from VIVIN Grocery’s extensive selection of natural, artisanal, and organic products. VIVIN Grocery introduces Chef Ferran’s “Tom Yum Gazpacho” as the highlight of their Songkran Special Menu available from 1st – 30th April 2024, available at both Asok and Thonglor branches.


During the takeover, chefs have the exciting challenge of crafting a signature dish or dishes within a few hours, utilizing VIVIN Grocery’s wide range of over 400 local and organic items. From high-quality proteins like Thai Charolais Beef and artisanal Chipolata Sausages to a variety of cheeses, cold cuts, organic herbs, jams, spices, pasta, and an array of beautiful certified organic vegetables and fruits, the possibilities are endless.

The star ingredient for this challenge is organic tomatoes, chosen for their peak variety, taste, and freshness straight from the Chiang Mai organic farm. Chef Ferran has crafted a sumptuous and refined Tom Yum Gazpacho recipe, incorporating organic fennel and pink radish, Caña de lomo, red onion, organic Mulberry vinegar, and a blend of herbs, all complemented by a dash of Blue Elephant by Chef Nooror, Tom Yum curry paste. This dish is a delightful fusion of Thai and Spanish flavours, showcasing the best of both cuisines and celebrating the quality of local produce.

The Grocerant concept, a fusion of grocery store and restaurants, provides a unique platform for chefs to showcase their talents while highlighting the exceptional quality and variety of local, organic, and artisanal produce available at VIVIN Grocery. Additionally, chefs have the opportunity to experiment with pairing dishes with a range of Thai wine, local artisanal spirits and craft beers, adding an exciting dimension to the culinary experience.

A recipe & shopping list card will also be available for those who enjoy the dish so they can appreciate Ferran’s gourmet recipe at home. #GourmetRecipeAtHome

The Grocerant Takeover series aims to celebrate the creativity and skill of Bangkok’s local chefs while promoting artisanal products and sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. It also promotes the idea that gourmet meals can be easily made at home, as high-quality products are key to achieving exceptional taste. As VIVIN Grocery motto states, “It’s all about the product.” #ItsAllAboutProduct.

Stay tuned for upcoming Grocerant Takeover collaborations as VIVIN Grocery continues to redefine the intersection of local and organic grocery shopping and fine dishes.

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Songkran Special Menu  VIVIN Grocery presents its Special Songkran Menu, available from 1st to 30th April, featuring the TOM YUM GAZPACHO, a fusion of Thai and Spanish flavors. This innovative dish by Chef Ferran Tadeo combines organic tomatoes, local Thai herbs & spices, Cana de Lomo (pork), and Blue Elephant’s Tom Yum Curry Paste, served chilled with “Pan Con Tomate”. Experience this unique blend of cuisines and other delightful offerings like the BAKED CHEESE WHEEL, a 230g wheel of Thai artisanal cheese baked until rich and gooey, topped with seasonal artisanal goodies, served with crispy crouton bread or baguette slices. Vegetarian options are available, and special requests can be accommodated. Additionally, enjoy the ORGANIC BEAN offerings, including Organic Bean Soup and Organic Bean Salad. Celebrate Songkran with these exquisite culinary delights at VIVIN Grocery.

More about Chef Ferran Tadeo: Catalonia native Chef Ferran Tadeo was inspired by Barcelona’s creative kitchens from a young age, realizing his culinary destiny at just six years old. He graduated from IES Joan Ramón Benaprès Sitges School Sitges and honed his skills under legendary chefs like Ferran Adriá. His cuisine pays homage to Catalan traditions, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Ferran was part of the closing team at El Bulli, where he cooked at the historic Last Waltz dinner alongside over a dozen world-renowned chefs. He later moved to the US as a research and development chef at José Andrés, then to Hong Kong as Executive Chef of restaurants like Catalunya and La Rambla. Ferran’s cuisine is influenced by his life experiences, travels, and Catalan heritage, aiming to evoke “emotional reactions to Catalan cuisine” using techniques learned from Michelin-starred chefs.

About Blue Elephant products:


Chef Nooror Somany Steppe has established her name not only for her original and historical knowledge of Thai cuisine but also for her ready-mixed recipes of Thai sauces, curry pastes and seasonings amongst others using only premium Thai ingredients produced and exported to over 45 countries worldwide.


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