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Anniversary Celebration : Tenuta Viglione’s Wine Dinner at Chim by Siam Wisdom

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Celebrating one year since the launch in Thailand: Tenuta Viglione’s wine dinner at Chim by Siam Wisdom

It’s been a year since Tenuta Viglione successfully launched its wines in Thailand and this anniversary was superbly celebrated with a sumptuous event at one of Bangkok’s most iconic restaurants: the award-winning Chim by Siam Wisdom. A 9-course menu conceived and executed by the seven-time Micheline starred chef Noom and a tasting of 5 wines produced from native Apulian grapes sealed the encounter between the flavors and aromas of the great Thai culinary tradition and those of organically produced Apulian wine from Tenuta Viglione.


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Amuse-bouche & Welcome drink
Tenuta Viglione, Verdeca Brut, IGP Puglia, 11%, non-vintage

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Crab dumpling – จีบนก
King Prawn Fillo Pastry with Thai Citron Sauce – กุ้งโสร่งส้มซ่า
Tenuta Viglione, Verdeca Maioliche, IGP Puglia, 12%, 2021, organic wine

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Fermented Red Bean with Coconut Milk and Crisp Fishnet – หลนข้าวอั่งคักปลาฟู
Tenuta Viglione, Nero di Troia Maioliche, IGP Puglia, 13%, 2021, organic wine

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The Lost Recipe – ต้มยำปลาโบราณ
River Prawn with Caramel Peanut Sauce – กุ้งซอสพริบพรี
Tenuta Viglione, Primitivo Sellato, Gioia del Colle DOP, 14%, 2021, organic wine

Stripped Beef Shank – ระแวงเนื้อน่องลาย
Saffron Steamed Rice – ข้าวหุงหญ้าฝรั่น
Tenuta Viglione, Susumaniello Morso Rosso, IGP Puglia, 14,5%, 2021, organic wine

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Interview with Ruenruedee Prachayaphruet, SEA Marketing Director for Tenuta Viglione


Thailand has an emerging wine sector. How did you approach this rather sophisticated market?

The Thai market is increasingly attentive to the quality and the story behind each bottle. Our philosophy is based on respect for the environment and the use of native varieties that best suit our terroir. This allows us to produce authentic, high-quality wine that best represents our region and its thousand-year history. We aim to bring the best that Puglia has to offer Thailand. Our wine is suitable for even the most sophisticated taste buds.

Many people associate Puglia with cheap wine. How do you respond to this perception? 

Puglia produces a very wide range of high-quality products. As with everything, there are different levels of quality and that includes wine. I must say that there isn’t only cheap wine from Puglia, but also cheap wine from France, Australia, or any other country. We focus on superior wine and in Puglia, you are spoiled for choice.

Which kinds of wine are you focusing on for the Thai market?

We are focusing on our most prestigious and complex ones, those that tell the history and age-old traditions of our region. We presented Thai consumers with Primitivo, Verdeca, Nero di Troia, and Susumaniello. These are just some of the gems that we’ve shared, chosen not only for their excellent quality but also for being among local favourites.

Where does Puglia want to go in the international wine scene? Should we expect the emergence of the “Super Pugliesi”?

Puglia has all the ingredients to become a point of reference in the world of wine. The combination of tradition, innovation and sustainability will allow us to create unique and very high-quality wine. The future of the “Super Pugliesi” is promising and we are ready to be the protagonists in this new era of wine. We will see what the market has to say in the years to come and we are confident in our potential.

Tasting Notes

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Vintage N/A
11,0% VOL. ALC.
Grape: 100% Verdeca
Ageing: Steal tank

Tasting Notes: bright straw-yellow color tending to golden. Intense perfume of aromatic herbs with citrus and peach notes that blend on the palate. Fresh, balanced, with good minerality on the palate.

Vintage 2021
12,0% VOL. ALC.
Grape: 100% Verdeca

Tasting notes: Bright straw-yellow color tending to golden. Intense perfume of aromatic herbs with citrus and peach notes that blend on the palate. Fresh, sapid with good minerality on the palate.

Vintage 2021
13,0% VOL. ALC.
Grape: 100% Uva di Troia

Tasting notes: Ruby red evolving to garnet. Rich and intense aroma of blackberry and cherry in spirit with spicy notes. Enchanting and full taste, elegant tannins and fulfilling sapidity.

Vintage 2020
14,0% VOL. ALC.
Grape: 100% Primitivo
Ageing: 30% in barrique for 12 months

Tasting Notes: Cherry, plum and tobacco leaf aromas. Rich and voluptuous with fresh acidity and a gentle earthy finish.

Vintage 2021
14,5% VOL.ALC.
Grape: 100% Susumaniello

Tasting Notes: floral and punchy aromatics, showing cherry, violet and black olive. Big and bold style with taut acidity and refined tannins.

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