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Signature Bangkok’s The Reunion 2.0 Delivers Unforgettable Culinary Experience


Chef Thierry Drapeau, Head Chef at 1-Michelin star Signature Bangkok

‘Shared Moments: Signature Bangkok’s The Reunion 2.0 Delivers Unforgettable Culinary Experience for Esteemed Guests 29-31 March 2024’

The highly anticipated second edition of Signature Bangkok’s “The Reunion” exceeded all expectations, captivating guests with an extraordinary culinary journey and unforgettable entertainment. Over the course of three enchanting evenings, attendees were treated to a symphony of flavors, artistry, and entertainment, making it a truly memorable experience.
The first two nights of “The Reunion” showcased the exceptional talents of Chef Thierry Drapeau, Chef Pongcharn “Top” Russell, Chef Michelle Goh, Chef Charles Coulombeau and Chef Sakal Phoeung. Each course of the 8-course menu was a masterpiece of culinary innovation, teeming with imaginative fusion flavors that delighted the senses and left guests craving for more.
IMGM7786Chef Pongcharn “Top” Russell Head Chef, 1-Michelin Star Mia Restaurant
IMGL8452Chef Charles Coulombeau, Head Chef, 1-Michelin Star La Maison dans Le Parc, Nancy, France

IMGL8060Chef Sakal Phoeung. Chef & Co-Owner, Le Corto Saigon & P’ti Saigon, Vietnam

Another highlight of the event was the third evening’s Opera Night, where guests were serenaded by the mesmerizing performances of the world-famous opera band FIVERA. Accompanied by the finest cheeses from Les Frères Marchand and a selection of exquisite wines, the evening was a celebration of gastronomy and culture. Additionally, guests indulged in an array of delectable small plates and exquisite canapes, and freshly baked bread, expertly crafted to complement the evening’s enchanting ambience and elevate the culinary experience to new heights, further enhancing the atmosphere of joy and camaraderie among guests.

IMGL9450Fivera opera recitals
archive 12 IMGL8945Philippe Marchand and the artisanal cheeses from Les Frères Marchand
IMGL9164Nicolas Peth, Group General Manager, VIE Hotel Bangkok
“We are delighted to see ‘The Reunion’ continue to captivate and delight guests for a second year,” said Nicolas Peth, Group General Manager, VIE Hotel Bangkok – MGallery Collection. “The collaboration among these culinary superstars, combined with the enchanting Opera Night, truly made this event an unforgettable experience for all who attended. And we look forward to welcoming guests back for future editions of ‘The Reunion’, promising even more culinary magic and unforgettable experiences.”

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