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TOP25 Restaurants Announces 2023 Best Restaurants in Bangkok

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TOP25 Restaurants Announces the 2023 Best Restaurants in Bangkok

TOP25RESTAURANTS / The highly anticipated 2023 selection of the top 25 restaurants in Bangkok, was announced yesterday, highlighting the best restaurants in the Thai capital, illustrating why the city is a favourite gastronomy destination for gourmets and gourmands.

This year’s awards recognise the achievements of Bangkok’s best 25 restaurants, chosen and ranked by the Restaurant Rating Index, an objective curation and measuring standard based on artificial intelligence and enhanced by professional discernment.

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Sorn restaurant

Sorn restaurant took the city’s top position for fine dining. Sorn is helmed by chef Supaksorn ‘Ice’ Jongsiri, preparing fine Southern Thai cuisine focusing on local seafood enhanced with local ingredients and spices.

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Chef’s Table

The celebrated Thai eatery was closely followed by Chef’s Table and Mezzaluna, the two restaurants share the second position and both are located at lebua, the world’s first luxury vertical destination.

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(right) Chef Henk Savelberg of Savelberg

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Côte by Mauro Colagreco

In third and fourth position two internationally recognized restaurants for French fine dining, Savelberg and Côte by Mauro Colagreco.

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Maison Dunand

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Wang Hinghoi

Ten restaurants were newly awarded and included in the top 25, among them Juksunchae, the first Korean fine dining in Bangkok, Maison Dunand by 2-star Michelin chef Arnaud Dunand and Wang Hinghoi serving deconstructed Thai food while watching a firefly show (full list below).

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Chefs from the top restaurants, assembled at the Italian fine dining restaurant La Scala at The Sukhothai Bangkok, waited anxiously the announcement all hoping their hard work and dedication will be recognized and rewarded. Cheers erupted and smiles illuminate faces, as a collective sense of accomplishment filled the room.

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Each of TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok Award Winners received a prestigious trophy engraved with the restaurant name and it’s 2023 rank. The trophies were presented by Mr. Boonserm Khunkaew, Deputy Director-General, Department of Tourism in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand.

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Bernard Metzger, Founder of the TOP25 Restaurants Guide

“We are eager to share the 2023 Award Winners in Bangkok, said Bernard Metzger, Founder of the TOP25 Restaurants Guide series. Bangkok’s finest restaurants continue to impress patrons with the outstanding and delectable food being served in the Thai capital. We are excited to celebrate their accomplishments and to reveal some new, unique discoveries.

He further added “I encourage all patrons, industry stakeholders and visitors to join us not only in celebrating the achievements of the winners and be inspired by their accomplishments, but also to support and celebrate culinary arts and efforts from all restaurants in Bangkok, in particular from all our nominees.”

THE TOP25 RESTAURANTS IN BANGKOK – Ranked by the Restaurant Rating Index

1. Sorn, Southern Thai Cuisine

2. Chef’s Table, French Fine Dining

2. Mezzaluna, Experiential European

3. Savelberg, French Fine Dining

4. Côte by Mauro Colagreco, Innovative French

5. Potong, Progressive Thai-Chinese

6. Le Du, Modern Thai

7. Gaa, Progressive Indian

8. R-Haan, Royal Thai

9. Baan Tepa, Modern Thai

10. Sühring, Modern German

11. IGNIV, Progressive European

12. Blue by A. Ducasse, Classic French

13. Aksorn by David Thompson, Traditional Thai

14. Le Normandie by Alain Roux, French Fine Dining

15. Sushi Masato, Omakase

16. Signature, Floral Cuisine

17. Yu Ting Yuan, Cantonese

18. Maison Dunand, French Contemporary

19. Elements, Modern French

20. Vilas, Classic Thai

21. La Scala, Italian Fine Dining

22. Juksunchae, Modern Korean

23. Resonance, Boundless Cuisine

24. Wang Hinghoi, Deconstructed Thai

25. Keller, Contemporary European

Since 2018, the annual list and awards are based on Travelindex owned and patented “Restaurant Rating Index”. Some of the key indicators used by the multi-assets index include, but not limited to, quality of the food, ambience and comfort, value for money, as well as social indicators as online presence, social markers, online footprint, media engagement and review content analysis by AI.

The Restaurant Rating Index is a recognised benchmark for rating quality restaurants and chefs strive to be listed in the TOP25 Restaurants because it increases the restaurant’s reputation and draws in more customers. All restaurants listed, winners and nominees, always provide an unforgettable dining experience.

The list of the awards winners and all nominated restaurants is available online at:

About TOP25 Restaurants by Travelindex

Travelindex is a content-driven ecosystem for the travel and tourism sectors. The media group operates an open and free digital platform, connecting directly millions of travelers worldwide, providing inspiration and advice for discerning tourists. The TOP25 Restaurants guides leverage the world’s first independent rating system based on artificial intelligence combined with human expertise, to curate a premium selection of restaurants and dining choices, wherever you are. We bring together the best of all cuisines with every establishment chosen first and foremost for the quality of food and service. The annual TOP25 Awards showcase the most outstanding restaurants and the ultimate collection of dining venues.

In addition to Bangkok, Travelindex also publishes TOP25 Restaurants Guides in following destinations: Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Delhi.

About The Sukhothai Bangkok

The Sukhothai Bangkok combines traditional refinement with immaculate contemporary style. A haven of calm set amid six acres of lush gardens and water ponds in bustling Bangkok. Once inside its classically elegant grounds, guests are quite literally far from the madding crowds.

Wining and dining is a pleasure at The Sukhothai’s world class Restaurants and Bars, including Colonnade for international cuisine and the famous Sunday Brunch and the award-winning La Scala Italian Restaurant and  Celadon, home of delicious Thai cuisine.

On-site leisure facilities include Spa Botanica, a Health Club with Gym, Sauna and Whirlpool and a 25-metre outdoor Swimming Pool.

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Potong, Progressive Thai-Chinese

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Le Du, Modern Thai

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IGNIV, Progressive European

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Blue by Alain Ducasse

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Sushi Masato

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Yu Ting Yuan, Cantonese cuisine

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Elements, Modern French cuisine

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Vilas, Classic Thai

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La Scala, Italian Fine Dining

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Resonance, Boundless Cuisine

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Keller, Contemporary European cuisine

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