Chef Amerigo Tito Sesti and Yoan Martin of “Electric Sheep” Eatery Bring Culinary Artistry to VIVIN Grocery’s Kitchen, throughout June 2024

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Chef Amerigo Tito Sesti and Yoan Martin of the upcoming “Electric Sheep” eatery bring culinary artistry to VIVIN Grocery’s Kitchen.

VIVIN Grocery is thrilled to announce the latest installment of its Grocerant Takeover menu series, featuring the dynamic duo, Chefs Amerigo Tito Sesti and Chef Yoan Martin from the anticipated “Electric Sheep” eatery.

For June 2024, the VIVIN Grocery Grocerant Takeover menu will be available, created by these talented chefs who have transformed VIVIN Grocery’s Thai-organic, artisanal, and natural ingredients into sumptuous dishes with an exquisite Italian touch.

Following the success of previous takeovers, including the memorable Meet the Artisan “Khao Soi Duck Confit,” with Chef Nooror Somany Steppe of Blue Elephant. VIVIN Grocery continues to push culinary boundaries by inviting renowned chefs, including those from Michelin-rated establishments, to create unique, seasonal menus. VIVIN Grocery’s first official Grocerant Takeover with Chef Ferran Tadeo of Embassy Room was a resounding success. His Thai-Spanish-inspired “Tom Yum Gazpacho”, which featured VIVIN Grocery’s organic tomatoes and local Thai spices is now a mainstay on the permanent menu.

Before Chefs Amerigo Tito Sesti and Yoan Martin ventured to create “Electric Sheep,” set to launch in the last quarter of 2024, they were previously the driving force behind acquiring a Michelin star and a Michelin Green star for J’aime by Jean-Michel Lorain Bangkok. Renowned for their revolutionary adaptation of applying local ingredients in fine French dishes, they have consistently followed their sustainable ethos, emphasizing “root to tip” and environmental responsibility whilst maintaining a high standard of culinary excellence.

Chefs Amerigo and Yoan will present a specially curated a la carte menu comprising an appetizer, main pasta, and dessert at both VIVIN Grocery Thonglor and Asok locations, all crafted to highlight the exceptional quality and variety of VIVIN Grocery’s products. Their menu will celebrate the vibrant flavors of Italy while incorporating the freshest Thai-organic ingredients. Guests can look forward to a delectable appetizer of charred eggplant and burrata, featuring VIVIN Grocery’s supply of organic eggplant and creamy burrata, enhanced with roasted cashewnut and salsa verde.

The main-sized dish will be organic carrot gnocchi served with sobrasada sauce and smoked ricotta, showcasing the quality of VIVIN Grocery’s organic carrots, local Thai cheese, and the rich flavors of sobrasada. For dessert, the chefs will offer a unique take on tiramisu, made with organic coffee, mascarpone, stale baguette bread with a sprinkling of Thai cacao powder and a dash of Thailand’s very own Grappa from GranMonte Vineyard and Winery, Khao Yai.

The Grocerant Takeover Series: 

The Grocerant Takeover series aims to celebrate the creativity and skill of Thailand’s local chefs while promoting artisanal products and sustainable, locally sourced ingredients with sustainable practices. It also promotes that gourmet meals can be easily made at home, as high-quality products are key to achieving exceptional taste. As VIVIN Grocery’s motto states, “It’s all about the product.”


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