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Chullchick Brings the Vibrant Flavours of Peru to Vertigo Too, 28-29 June 2024

Chef Abel Ortiz Alvarez

Chullchick Brings the Vibrant Flavours of Peru to Bangkok

Vertigo TOO is thrilled to announce an exclusive kitchen takeover event featuring the celebrated Peruvian chef Abel Ortiz Alvarez, founder of Chullschick. Join us for an unforgettable culinary journey as Chef Abel brings the vibrant and diverse flavours of Peru to Bangkok.

Chullschick opened its door in Hong Kong in 2014, with its name being translated as “Chulls” meaning “friend” in Peruvian slang, and “Chick” referring to chicken, altogether symbolizing the warmth and diversity of Peruvian culture and cuisine. Embracing the rich gastronomic heritage, the menu is chock-full of refined flavours from traditional Peruvian ingredients.

Pollo a la Brasa_2

Hailing from Hong Kong, Chef Abel will take his home-style joint to new heights with sharing set menu that promises to captivate your palate. Highlights include classic Peruvian ceviche, grilled octopus, and the iconic Pollo a la Brasa. As part of Peru’s national heritage, ceviche is a raw fish cured in spicy citrus, which chef Abel grew up eating and making. Another well-loved dish is Pollo a la Brasa, a style of roasted chicken speciality native to Lima, the capital of Peru. Tender and flavorful, the chicken is infused with aromatic spices while being cooked in a combination of high and low heat.

Traditional Peruvian Ceviche

Added to your overall dining experience are live music and stunning city views from Vertigo TOO, located on the 60th floor. Indulge yourself a little further with wine paring that will uplift your dinner to perfection, or a glass of pisco sour to enhance the Peruvian vibes. Chef Abel’s much acclaimed cuisine will be available exclusively on 28 – 29 June 2024 only.

The six Peruvian delights served in sharing style are attractively priced at THB 1,399 net per person or THB 1,699 net with wine.

For more information and reservations please contact 0 2679 1200 or email

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