Chef Roberto Gonzales Alonso Brings Basque Country Flavours to UNO MAS Restaurant, until February 2024

Basque Grill (3)

Chef Roberto Gonzales Alonso Brings Basque Country Flavours to UNO MAS Restaurant

UNO MAS restaurant at Centara Grand at Centralworld invites diners to its exclusive Basque Grill pop-up on the Dining Deck. This unique culinary adventure, only available until February 2024, is curated by Chef Roberto Gonzales Alonso and immerses guests in the authentic flavours of the Basque region.

At the heart of the Basque Grill experience is a menu that boasts an array of robust and heartwarming dishes, all cooked over an open flame. Diners can look forward to the El Capricho Chuleton, a steak known for its rich flavours. Adding to it is the Txogitxu Txistorra sausages, offering a unique taste of the region’s country traditions. Not to be missed is the whole charred turbot, a delicacy that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Basque cuisine.

Double Beef Tenderloin Chateaubriand

The dessert highlight is the renowned burnt Basque cheesecake. With its caramelized exterior and creamy interior, this iconic dessert provides a sweet and sumptuous end to the meal. To complement the culinary delights, guests can enjoy a thoughtfully curated selection of fine, full-bodied Basque red wines and the refreshing notes of Txakoli, Rioja Alavesa and the traditional Basque cider, Sidra.

Morcilla de Burgos

The Basque Grill pop-up is a must-try for food enthusiasts and culinary adventurers. Available for a limited time only, this is an opportunity to savour an array of dishes that embody the spirit and tastes of Chef Roberto Gonzales Alonso.

For more information or to make a reservation, call UNO MAS at Centara Grand at CentralWorld at 02-100-6255, or email

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