Three Michelin Star Chef Thomas Buhner Shares Favourite Recipes from His Visit at Intercontinental Bangkok


3 Michelin starred Chef Thomas Bühner of Osnabrück’s La Vie restaurant, acclaimed as “The German face of Gastronomy”, was in town to celebrate the legendary Fireplace Grill and Bar’s 50th anniversary at the InterContinental Bangkok. The master chef presented an unrivalled creation of modern gastronomy and has shared with us two of the most well loved dishes served at this special occasion.

มื่อเร็วๆนี้   โรงแรมอินเตอร์คอนติเนนตัล กรุงเทพฯ ร่วมกับ เมอร์เซเดส-เบนซ์ ประเทศไทย  ฉลองครบรอบ  50   ปี   ของห้องอาหารตำนานไฟร์เพลส กริลล์ แอนด์ บาร์   โดยเชิญเชฟมิชลินดังข้ามชาติ  โทมัส บิวเนอร์ (Thomas Bühner) จาก ลา วี (La Vie) ห้องอาหารระดับสามดาวมิชลินจากเยอรมันนี  มารังสรรค์อาหารในสไตล์แกสโตรโนมีร่วมสมัยให้คอนักชิมได้ล้ิมลองกัน

ในโอกาสมาร่วมงานครั้งนี้  นอกจากจะโชว์ฝีมือขั้นเทพที่ได้รับการยกย่องในระดับข้ามชาติกันแล้ว  เชพโทมัสยังได้แชร์สูตรอาหาร 2 เมนูที่ชื่นชอบกันมากกับกอมเซต์บง  เมนูดังกล่าวได้คือคือ เนื้อวางิว ‘Wagyu Japanese / Kogoshima /sea shallot / apricot’ และ ปลาเทอบัทกับผักชีฝรั่ง  ’Turbot / parsley infusion/potato tandoori puree’  คนรักการครัวติดตามได้เลย

Wagyu Japanese / Kogoshima /sea shallot / apricot

LaVie 2015

  1. Wagyu Japan (Kagoshima)
  2. Bread
  3. Wagyu Consommé
  4. Apricot Chutney
  5. See Shallots
  6. Chives oil

1. Wagyu

- Clean and portion the meat. We need about 70gr per Portion

- Melt the fat which is leftover in a pot and mix it later, so that you get the pure fat.

- Use the fat later to cook the wagyu in the oven and to fry it before plating.

We paint the meat with the fat and then we cook the meat at a temperature of 105°C in the oven for about 20 Minutes (it depends on the size of the pieces).

After cooking we let it rest for a while in the hold o mat similar

Before plating we fry it hot and fast in a pan using the fat.

2. Bread 

200g Butter

20g Soya Sauce

20g Sesame oil

20g Tahina (Sesame paste)

½ grated Lime-Skin

Grated Ginger

100g flour Type 405

100g Rice flour

75g Almond flour

15g brown Sugar

5g Salt

20g Trisol

1-2 Eggs

-Whisk the butter creamy, using a Kitchen Aid or similar

-add all the other ingredients instead off the flours

-Then add all the flours carefully

-let the dough rest for 1-2 hours in the fridge

-roll the dough thin and cut it into 6*2 cm pieces

-bake them at 160°C hot air for 12 Minutes

3. Wagyu Consommé

1 Day:

4 Beef Knuckles

1 Beef Brisket

8 kg including disk (osso bucco) of veal

10 big onions

7 carrots

1 Bunch green celery

2 garlic bulb

8 Tomatoes

1 celeriac/celery root

0,6 L Cognac

0,5 L Maderia

-Cut the meat and roast it in the oven

-half the onions and roasted on the white side

-Fry garlic and onions in a pot and caramellize

-add tomatoes, caramellize

-add the alcoholics, reduze

-add the meat and the Roasted Onions and fill it up with water, cook it, skim the stock

-let it cook for about 6 hours

- put the rest of the vegetables inside

-30 minutes cooking, let it rest for 2 hours

-pass the stock and put it cold

2 Day:

5 Carrots

4 Onions

4 Tomatoes

10kg Beef Brisket

6 Egg white

-Clean the vegetables and cut the meat

-grind all together in the mincer

-mix it with the eggwhite, mix it with the cold stock

-boil it slowly

-pass it, reduce it

Season with:


Soya sauce


Before serving add fresh Thai Basil

1L Consommé

50g Thai Basil

4. Chutney (Apricot-Chili)

450g Apricots

13g Chili red

130g red Onion

410g Carrot Juice

1 clove of garlic

95g brown Sugar

4g Salt

80g Chardonnay Vinegar

50ml Water

Mustard, Mizkan

- pit the apricots and divide into eights

- roast the garlic at 130°C hot air in the oven for 12 Minutes

- cut the onions and the Chilis in fine cubes

- make from the Sugar and the water a dark caramel

- add the Chili, the onions and the garlic

- add the apricots and saute everything

- deglaze with the carrot juice and cook it for 3 minutes

- let it cool down

Season it with


Dijon Mustard

Chadonnay Vinegar

5. Sea Shallots 

5 pieces of Sea Shallots per guest

-clean the shallots

-in the service steam the shallots for 30 seconds in the bamboo

6. Chives oil 

500g Chives

300g Sunflower oil

300g Olive oil


Blanch the Chives in Salt Water and refresh it in salted ice water.

Squash the Chives, that the water goes out.

Mix it in the Thermomix at 60°C really fine.

Cool it down on ice and pass it really fine.

Turbot / parsley infusion/potato tandoori puree (25 pax)

LaVie 2016

Turbot with an infusion from parsley and smashed potato from tandoori

1 Turbo t 5/6 kg turbot filet
fine sea salt
150 g             sunflower oil
4 bunch parsley
1,5 kg   potatoes
Tandoori powder



Fillet the turbot and portion the fillets.

Fish oil

500 ml sunflower seed oil
200 gr. Fish bone(turbot)

We will cook the oil and chopped bones in a sous-vide device 65cº for one hour.
With this oil we will cook the portions of turbot later for the final plating.

Parsley infusion

Wash the parsley and cut roughly. Mix it in a blender with a little bit water, filter.
Fill in the infusion of parsley with help from a syringe. Salt the filet, put some soup spoon from the oil over the fish,cook sous vide 8min., 55 °C in a water bath.

Potato tandoori puree

Cook the potato with the skin (use the water later) and filter. Mash the potatoes
with the oil and the potato water. Tasting with salt and tandoori.


200 ml Parsley Infusion
260 gr           egg white
140 gr egg yolk
10 gr. Sugar
7 gr. Salt
100 gr. Flour

3 gas charges for Espuma Bottle

We mix all the ingridients in a thermomix and pass trough a sieve.
We will put 340 gr of this charge in a siphon of 1lt capacity and 3
charges of gas.
We fill the mix from the siphon to a rectangular silpat and cook in microwave in 900W for 30 seconds.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.26.35 AM
Credit photo: La Vie restaurant
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