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A True Michelin Starred Feast at Blue by Alain Ducasse


Exquisite 8 course French dinner paired with Champagne, with Executive Chef Wilfrid Hocquet at Michelin starred restaurant Blue by Alain Ducasse

Photos : Gift Hem

มื้อนี้ดินเนอร์ฝรั่งเศสหรูระดับหนึ่งดาวมิชลิน ที่ห้องอาหาร Blue by Alain Ducasse อาหาร 8 คอร์ส แพร์กับเชมเปญ โดยฝีมือ เอ็กเซกคิวทีฟเชฟ วิลฟริด ฮ็อคเกต์ (Executive Chef Wilfrid Hocquet)

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BLUE - Beyond The Boundaries 02 - FB BANNER - UPDATE - 06 05 2023 copy

Blue by Alain Ducasse Presents “Beyond the Boundaries” Second Chapter with Six Highly Acclaimed Chefs, 16th of June 2023


Blue by Alain Ducasse Presents “Beyond the Boundaries II” , 16th of June, 2023

Step into a realm where limits dissolve and imagination comes to life, as Blue by Alain Ducasse proudly present the second chapter of our extraordinary journey, Beyond the Boundaries II.

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BLUE by Alain Ducasse Launching “Beyond the Boundaries”, 24 April 2023


BLUE by Alain Ducasse Launching ”Beyond the Boundaries” Event Series 

A culinary adventure that knows no bounds or constraints.

A groundbreaking collaboration is underway on 24 April as Blue by Alain Ducasse teams up with esteemed chefs from Bangkok’s finest restaurants. With a shared passion for exceptional cuisine, Chef @chefwilfridhocquet and other illustrious chefs are set to ignite your palates with artful gastronomic creations that will leave a lasting impression.

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New Menu at Blue by Alain Ducasse : A Culinary Voyage to South of France


New Menu At Blue By Alain Ducasse
A Culinary Voyage To The South Of France 

Michelin-starred Blue by Alain Ducasse celebrates the changing of the season with a new menu that draws inspiration from the vibrant “Cuisine du Soleil” from the South of France. To complement the new menu, the restaurant is launching the Blue Journey – Sunset Experience package, which invites diners on a journey to discover the beauty of the majestic Chao Phraya River, followed by an unforgettable culinary experience.

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Blue by Alain Ducasse Celebrates Third Anniversary with Presence of the Legend “Alain Ducasse”


Blue by Alain Ducasse celebrates third anniversary and third consecutive Michelin star in style with presence of the legend “Alain Ducasse” 

It was double celebration for Blue by Alain Ducasse. Renowned for its culinary finesse, award-winning dining room and iconic river views, the contemporary French restaurant by the legendary mentor chef celebrated its third anniversary and followed it up by receiving its 3rd consecutive one-star rating in the Michelin Guide Thailand 2023 edition.

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Blue by Alain Ducasse

Iconic Chef “Alain DUCASSE” Returns to Bangkok for 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of Blue by Alain Ducasse, 25 November 2022


Iconic Chef “Alain DUCASSE” Returns to Bangkok for 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of Blue by Alain Ducasse

This November, the award-winning Blue by Alain Ducasse, led by Executive Chef Wilfrid Hocquet, celebrates three years of delivering contemporary French dining rooted in a culinary vision of tradition and modernity. Located in ICONLUXE, ICONSIAM, on the banks of the historic Chao Phraya River, the first restaurant in Thailand by the iconic mentor chef, Alain Ducasse celebrate its 3rd anniversary with a special four-hand lunch and dinner.

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Blue by Alain Ducasse Bangkok


มาร่วมฉลองงานวันเกิดก๊วน foodies และเพื่อนเลิฟที่ห้องอาหาร  Blue by Alain Ducasse  ที่เพิ่งเปิดตัวไปเมื่อเร็ว ๆ นี้  ที่ Icon Siam   กระแสกำลังเป็นที่ฮือฮามาแรง  ด้วยชื่อเสียงสุดจะไม่ธรรมดาของ  อแลง ดูกาส  (Alain Ducasse)  เชฟเจ้าของแบรนด์  ถือโอกาสนี้  รีวิวห้องอาหารมาฝากกันด้วยเลย

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